Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Eye with Jessica Alba

You guys want to know why I love NetFlix, It's because when you watch a steaming heap like "The Eye" with Jessica Alba, and it sucks, you are only out a portion of your low monthly fee. Oh yeh, and 110 minutes of your life you can only get back by skipping church for a couple of weeks. Har dee har freakin har!
Usually I will watch the Asian Version on these types of movies, then I can go in to see the US versions with prejudice. Yes I am some what of a snob when it comes to US filmmakers redoing and dumbing down great Japanese, Hong Kong, or Korean horror so that us retards in the US of freakin A can handle them.
Heres the basics on the Eye: A Blind violinist Sydney Wells (Jessica Alba) undergoes a corneal transplant to restore her sight. With the help of her doctor (Alessandro Nivola) and her sister Helen (Parker Posey)(who could have been left out even though she is very cool, she had no place in this flick), Sydney learns to see again. Unfortunately, the surgery leaves some creepy side effects, and Sydney's sanity soon comes into question when she starts seeing supernatural beings. This thriller is a remake of the Hong Kong spine-tingler Gin Gwai.
Jessica alba looks great in her undies, but she cannot act her way out of them. It was not creepy, noy spine tingling, just a waste of a late Saturday night.

Oh Yeh the good thing was that I got it from NetFlix, so even though I had the option of bailing out 20 minutes in but didn't, I could have. Tell you what, the best thing about NetFlix is that when you get a stinker, you can drop out with minimal investment. You, to, can try NetFlix Netflix DVD Rentals. NO LATE FEES; Free Shipping. Try for FREE!
With that Shameless plug, I will let ya'll go with this; Don't watch "The Eye" we are talkin' serious no skulls here!!!