Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I had to come back

Well guys and gools it’s been a while but I had to come back. I just watched DayBreakers with Ethan Hawk and Sam Neil.
Wow!! What can I say but Wow what a Horrific Movie this was! I loved the style, I loved the creepiness, but the writing and execution just left me hanging going HuH??
Ethan Hawk plays a guilty vampire in a world where humans are becoming extinct. Vampires are devolving into sub creatures who feed on Vampires. Ethan Hawks Character, Ed, finds a cure for vampirism but Sam Neil his boss wants nothing to do with it. Wilem Dafoe, who I really like just kind phones this one in. He plays Elvis, a mechanic who some years before accidentally found the cure for vampirism but just needed a trust worthy vampire to help him recreate it. He is there, but underutilized, they could have stuck anyone in that part and it would have had the same onscreen impact.
Daybreakers is a kind of a corporate scandal, greed, zombies among zombies flick that just never really coagulated for me. I almost think that some producer got in there and said “Ok lets wrap this up, it’s starting to cost too much money.”
I will however be watching for other works by Michael Spierig the writer and director. I think he has great potential!!