Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

WOW!! I just went and saw Paranormal Activity 2. It is a rainy Sunday afternoon and the crowd was just right for this kind of movie. Not so much a sequel as an accompaniment, the original, this movie packs quite a punch. I do not usually get scared when watching horror movies. Maybe I am desensitized, but I will tell you that Paranormal Activity 2 had me rockin on the edge of my seat.

Todd Williams does a great job as director of this tale a family besieged by an unknown terror. The tension builds a little slowly in the beginning then takes the viewer on pretty cool roller coaster ride of jumps and thrills.

A Family welcomes a new baby into their house. Soon after strang things begin to happen. When they return home one day to find the place has been trashed from top to bottom, they decide to have a security camera system installed. We as the audience get to view the odd and sometimes dangerous activities as voyeurs via the cameras.

I have seen some reviews that say Paranormal Activity 2 is just a rehash of the original. Not True, this movie has a whole different feel and underlying creepiness to it. The audience was audibly frightened and one couple had to leave. I think it was the girl who wanted to leave since I didn’t hear that screem from behind me anymore.

Anyhoo…I got scared, it shook me up, and had me thinking about it all the way to the parking lot. Paranormal Activity 2 stands on its own. If you haven’t seen the original, no problem! You can easily watch this one then go rent the original. Both flicks are worth your time and money.

Fright Night, An American Werewolf in London and The Evil Dead

Hey Y’all, I went to the Midnites for Maniacs show at the Castro Theater in San Francisco California. What a freakin' Blast this was. If you’ve never been to the Castro Theatre then you are missing out. It is a classic old time movie house ornately decorated with tall pillars, frescos. An organ rises up and an old guy, name unknown, who plays wonderfully before and in between the films that are shown.

The show was hosted by Jesse Hawthorn Ficks who I know nothing about except that he is an instructor for my friend Drew Nevis. Oh Yeh, and Drew was at the show also, way cool.

The first Movie shown was Fright Night written and directed by Tom Holland and produced by Herb Jaffe. It stars Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse, Roddy McDowall, Stephen Geoffreys and Jonathan Stark.

Charley Brewster, average teen aged boy with average teenage girlfriend and freaky not average at all friend, discovers that his new next Jerry Dandridge, played by Chris Sarandon door neighbor is a blood sucking vampire. Upon discovering this new fact, Charley tries and turns every which way he can for help. As these situations usually go, no one believes him and he must turn to Peter Vincent, Movie Show host and alleged vampire hunter. Hilarity ensues as the body count rises and Charley plays a deadly cat and mouse game with the Vampire Jerry Dandridge and his evil carpenter/gayer, Billy Cole.

The next flick, after a whole bunch of gruesome old trailers was An American Werewolf in London. Directed by John Landis and staring the former Dr. Pepper dude David Laughton as David Kessler. David and his friend Jack, played by Griffin Dunne, are attacked in the English moors by a werewolf, Jack dies but David is not so lucky. He wakes up weeks later just before the next full moon. Even though he meets and sweets his nurse Alex, played by Jenny Agutter, he goes all werewolf. Oh yen let’s not forget that he is haunted by Jack and his victims all urging him to kill himself so that they can rest in peace.

If you have never seen this flick then you should go rent it, grab a pal. Buddy. Babe or whatever. Sit back on a dark night and get ready for jumps and scares galore!!

Last on the evenings showcase was an old favorite. It’s the Movie that after I made my grandparents watch it with became convinced that there was something wrong with me. That movie was THE EVIL DEAD.

Written and produced by Sam Raimie, this movies tag line is The Evil Dead, the Ultimate Experience in Grueling Horror. With the use of CGI this movie uses old school lighting, animation, Claymation, makeup, and an atmosphere provided by deep Tennessee woods in the winter to create a truly frightening movie. Never again after watching this movie will you feel alone in the woods again.

Ash Williams and his friends go to a remote cabin in the woods only to find that the woods themselves are haunted by demons raised by an archeologist who has translated the book of the dead. As the party falls prey the evil forces around them it becomes a battle for survival not only of life and limb, but for their souls.

This whole night was a blst and the movies were fun. If you haven’t seen these I sugeest you go rent them and sit back for a night of frights.