Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Heroes done for Good!!

Well I just heard some screwed up news. NBC has dashed any plans for a 2, or 4 hour movie to wrap up Heroes. I am still watching season 4, I am almost to the end, but now I don’t know. Should I watch it through? Should I just say screw it and leave off where I am now? From what I hear there are a lot of plot lines just left hanging. This blows!!
What is it with these world class A-HOLES in the networks just ending shows and not even bother to tying up the stories? Maybe it is us; The people who allow ourselves to get caught up, time and time again just to be let down in the end. We watch and h=get involved, share at the water cooler at work about how” oh she did that”, or “do you think he really…” Then it is just over.
Personally I think the best way to combat these idiots is to stop watching their shows. I had my DVR set to record The Event but I will not be watching it. Screw NBC and their idiot programming. Everyone there should be fired for being A-HOLES.
I will sleep tonight in case you wondered, but it still pisses me off. No more NBC!!!!