Monday, November 24, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Ok first of all, The quantum of Solace is NOT, I repeat NOT a rehash of Jason Bourne flicks. So what that Solace has foot and car chases, great hand to hand fights, and Bond is on a mission to avenge the love of his life, Vesper. Along the way he runs up with Camille, played by Olga Kurylenko. She like bond is somewhat damaged, just like bond.

The two movie series are, i said are not alike, and frankly Solace is a great deal better than Ultimatum.

There is a touch of humor, slick cars, Felix, good old fashioned revenge, and an omage clip to Goldfinger.

Admittedly need are gadgets and more floosies. God knows I love floosies!!

If you are looking for a Bond flick that has adventure and fun, yet is more in the tradition of the original Bond Novels, without being over acted and boring like Timothy Dalton, then go see Quantum of Solace. Give Bond a chance, if you ever read the books like I did as a kid, you will love it.

I Lucifer

Daniel Craig, THE newest James Bond, If you have been ling under a rock, is also starring in a flick that caught my eye, I, Lucifer. It looks like more of a comedy, satire kinda flick but pretty cool any way. I always love a good Satan Flick. Wowza remember Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled?! Again I say Wowza!
Anyway, I, Lucifer is Based on Glen Duncan's best seller. God is giving Satan a last shot at redemption: Satan must live out a blameless life as a human. Slick negotiator that he is, Lucifer negotiates a 'try before you buy' period. One month. London. He has no intention of taking God up on His offer. Lucifer simply wants to put a body through as much drugs, sex, and other vices as possible. But inhabiting a human body gives rise to feelings the Ol' Devil never thought possible. Could he want to take God up on the offer after all?
Summary written by The Production
I will give this a shot just because its got Daniel Craig in it. Craigs done some cool stuff over t the past few years and I highly doubt that he’ll get type cast by his Bond role.
Oh Yeh, I will be reviewing The Quantum of Solace come Saturday morning. I konow it’s not a Horror flick but I will be ding damned dang I love me my Bond Flicks!!!, Own em all I do.