Thursday, September 4, 2008

Prepare to get Slimed again

I just heard, There is a Ghost Busters 3 in the works. Apparently, Columbia Pictures is looking at reuniting all four of the original Ghost Busters. Arent these guys all pretty old now?
Well it would be cool to see Bill Murry do some comedy again after the last few steamers he's been involved with. Like "Lost in Translation" No shit Sherlock, that movie made no sense at all.

Anyway keep checking back and I will post new news on GB3 as I hear it!!

Crazy Eights--Crazy to waste your time

Crazy Eights is a steaming pile of whatever you can imagine coming out of a werewolves hairy ass. Unfortunately, there are no werwolves in this piece of shite, there is only the occasional shadow of a little girl, Frank Whaley wining like he does in evry movie he is in, Dina Myers, Tracy Lords acting tough and cussing alot, and that skinny chick from the USA hit series Burn Notice.

Directed by James K. Jones
Writen by Dan DeLuca, and James K. Jones

Rough plot--
Six people are brought together at the funeral of a childhood friend. While settling the estate, they discover a map, which leads them on a search for a long forgotten time capsule, at the request of their dead friend. What they discover reawakens repressed childhood traumas and leads them on a journey through their long abandoned childhood home: a home with a terrible secret and a mysterious dead girl who will lead them to their strange fates.
The only good part of this peace of crap is when the skinny chick from Burn Notice (Gabrielle Anwar) rips her own jaw off. The rest of the deaths are only eluded to; just like the point of this whole meaningless adventure into stupidity.
Christ on a cycle, it took me four attempts to get through this pile fearnet. It is the first of the “Eight Movies to Die For” series that I have watched. I hope the rest are better. I would get the DVD just to see if there are direct/writers commentaries to explain WTF is going on, but then I would have to kick my own ass for wasting another minute on this crap.
Avoid this flick unless you absolutely hate yourself and there are no Cat o’ nine tails around with which to slap yourself.
No skull here folks. If Tracy Lords is reading this, no pun intended.

1408 The Directors cut

I just saw 1408, the directors cut. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Mikael Håfström directs John Cusack as a writer who specializes in debunking haunted hotel claims. Mike Enslin, Cusack’s character, is a burned out maybe alcoholic who has a heavy weight over his head. After a brief opening segment where we get to know Mike, he is challenged by someone, via post, card to not stay in room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel in New York City.

Samuel Jackson is Gerald Olen the Dolphin’s Manager. Olen tries his best to dissuade Mike from staying in room 1408, with everything from bribes, to ghastly tales of past deaths. Of course our hero Mike refuses these enticements because he believes that it is all a put on, that there is no haunting, that the Olen just wants the publicity.

Just about the minute that Mike enters room 1408, the ghostly antics begin. Like Olen says “It's an evil fucking room”.

There is a whole sub-plot that involves Mike’s deceased daughter. Somehow, room 1408 draws from its resident’s pain and suffering and throws it back in their face in order to push them over the edge. Cusack plays a great tortured soul facing his worst moments in life. The room incessantly teases Mike with pain, then release, only to fall back into the reality of his being trapped in 1408.

The end of the directors cut is very different then that of the theatrical release. It is just as creepy, but very different. I would definitely give 1408 the directors cut a 4 out of 5 skulls.