Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Halloween 2 To Bad To Be Taken Seriously

Well I just saw Halloween 2 from writer director Rob Zombie. Let me qualify the follow with the statement that I like Rob zombies work. Loved the whole Firefly Family saga, dig the videos and the faux trailer in Planet Terror, really dig the music, and I loved Zombies remake of Halloween.
But Halloween 2 sucked. Why oh why did Rob Zombie have to get artsie fartsie?
Yeh I know, Rob Zombie is an artist. That would explain the silly hat I have seen in wearing lately.
Yeh I know he wanted to re-envision, add reality to Michael Myers. Michael Myers did not need to be re-envisioned. He needed to stay a mythical unreal super badass obviously being protected by some mythical mystical badass. He did not have to become the stinky ass, hulking deaf and dumb, homeless asshole that hangs out around my town scaring people as they leave target.
Mr. Zombie with all due respect, I dig your wife. I think she is way cool, and made a great Baby Firefly, and a good Mother Myers, but a bad slow unenthusiastic Ghost of Mrs Myers.
The whole flick just seemed tired and strained. It was like Rob Zombie didn’t really want to do a part 2, which he said he would never do, but someone through enough money at him to do so, so he did it and it sucked!!
Sorry for the outburst. I have full confidence that future works by Rob Zombie will be back up to his usual standards. But as for Halloween 2 I will have to stick with John Carpenter and Debra Hill’s version.
3 out of 5 skulls for Blood and Gore and Brad Dourif’s performance. Mr. Dourif was the only real character in the flick.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation was exactly as I expected it to be. Loud, grim, and full of my three favorite movie aspects: lots of screaming, gunfights and fiery explosions. And just when I thought it was slowing down there was more screaming, gun battles, and fiery explosions.
Needless to say I liked it a lot. The story in short, as to drop no spoilers, follows the adventures of John Conner and Kyle Reese before they met up.
Christian Bale as John Conner does a good Job at being Christian Bale in a John Conner outfit, Conner’s wife Kate was played by Bryce Dallas Howard the cool naked chick from Lady in the water. Howard demonstrated that she can stand and look contemplative, on the edge of tears very proficiently.
I have no Idea where the hell Sam Worthington came from but he did a great job as Marcus Wright.
Moon Bloodgood, who played a scantily clad Indian chick in Pathfinder and a stripper on CSI was ok but under developed as far as her character was concerned, and was fully dressed for Salvation (I can’t wait for the directors cut).
Helena Bonham Carter who reminds me of every hot, yet psycho chick I dated in my twenties was great as the face of Skynet. Oops, was that a spoiler, not really if you think about it when movie producers are trying to find a psycho chick as the face of anything, Carter is usually at the top of the list.
If you are going to see Salvation with the idea of great writing, deep social themes, a happy ending, daisies blowing in the spring breeze atop hills of green then this is not your movie.
I saw one review, I will not mention his name, but it rhymes with Guy Smur, Stating that the movie is grim, muscular, thundering and Joyless. No Crap Mr. Slap, It’s a movie about Robots trying to exterminate all of the humans on earth. By the way don’t read Smur’s Review unless you want Spoilers.
Any’hoo Salvation will assault your senses, make you jump, and if you are a twelve year old boy trapped in a forty-six year old body like me, you will be chomping at the bit for the video game to come out.

Oh yeh what’s my scale? It has been a while since I posted here….UUUHHHMM I will give it 4 out of 5 stainless steel skulls For fun and action one short for writing, there was not to much originality here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Bloody Valentine In 3d

Just watched the trailer for My Bloody Valentine in 3D. Looks like a blast. I am a big fan of the 1981 George Mihalka classic. Who ever thought of a crazed miner hacking away at Feb 14th lovers. What a killer concept..Only to be beaten by putting it into a torture porn 3D format.

Wow!! I can't wait, I will be there on the 16th of January. This is kind of flick I save my Movie Money for!!!

Asa matter of fact you can get a horrific batch of flowers for your current victim at http://www.squidoo.com/valentines-day-gifts-2

Rob Zombie has Signed On to do H2

Just heard about Rob Zombie Signing on to do H2. Kind of a suprize seeing as he said he would not do it.

Seems to me that the story was closed on his version of Halloween. But we never actually saw what happened when Scout fired the gun.

Anyway I will be looking for trailers to share